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On November 29, 2012, CfJJ celebrated its 18th year of advocating for a fair and effective juvenile justice system that promotes positive outcomes for children and youth.

Honoree: Maurice J. Boisvert, fomer President & CEO, Y.O.U., Inc. 

Keynote Speaker: Mark Soler, Executive Director of the Center for Children's Law and Policy

CfJJ offers our thanks to everyone who helped make our annual Leadership Celebration 2012 on November 29 a sparkling success: more than one hundred guests, volunteers, donors – and, most especially, our terrific sponsors.

We always hope that our Celebration will provide us and our guests with perspective and inspiration. This year, judging from comments from several people, we think it did just that.  Prime credit, and many thanks, go to our honoree and our keynote speaker.

We gave CfJJ’s Leadership Award to Moe Boisvert, recently retired as long-time leader of YOU Inc., for his progressive innovations on behalf of children and families in their own communities. In return, Moe gave us reflections on his career that demonstrated the humor, humility, wisdom – and joy – that he has both brought to, and taken from, doing this work over several decades.

Mark Soler, a nationally-prominent advocate for children’s rights based in Washington, D.C.,  gave us a great perspective on juvenile justice work here in Massachusetts and across the country, pointing out some of the horrors we have avoided, reminding us of the progress we have made, and underscoring the challenges we still face.

Of course, beyond perspective and inspiration, the Celebration provides a unique occasion for people who work in many different parts of the juvenile justice field–advocates, providers, agency personnel, researchers, funders – to come together and connect with others from across the Commonwealth. It is tremendously heartening to meet and talk with so many people who share a commitment to helping at- risk kids.

We are so grateful to everyone who, by participating, contributing or sponsoring, helped support CfJJ’s advocacy for a fair and effective juvenile justice system. Many thanks, as well, to the members of the Madison Park Technical and Vocational High School Culinary Club, who made a major contribution to the success and good feeling of the Celebration with their deliciously-prepared and graciously served hors d'oeuvres.

Many thanks to our sponsors for supporting our 2012 Celebration!