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CfJJ's 2010 Conference: Juvenile Re-Entry

February 11, 2010

CfJJ and Trinity Boston Foundation held a conference on juvenile re-entry on Thursday, February 11, 2010. A sold-out event that brought together educators, social workers, lawyers, youth, academics, DYS staff and many others, the conference shined a light on a critical, but often unseen, part of the juvenile justice system. When snow kept keynote speaker David Muhammad from attending, CfJJ Executive Director Lael Chester, Trinity Boston Foundation Executive Director Louise Burnham Packard, and Youth Advocacy Department Director Josh Dohan jumped in and outlined the critical issues in re-entry.

The conference included panels on Mental Health and the Trauma-Informed Approach, Education and Vocational Training, and Building Community Connections as well as a speech by Department of Youth Services Commissioner Jane Tewksbury. Each part of the conference explored the need for positive relationships with youth and the importance of a connected network of supports, both within the juvenile justice system and in the larger community. Wonderful discussions emerged about how best to support an already disadvantaged and traumatized population as they make a successful transition back into their homes and communities.

Conference Agenda