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CfJJ Fact Sheets

Justice for Kids - Raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction in Mass.:

The Justice for Kids Bill

Rights of Parents of 17-Year-Olds

Kids in the Adult System: Unhealthy Outcomes

Raising the Age and Public Safety

Massachusetts risks non-compliance with Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Comparison of Juvenile Justice and Adult Criminal Justice Systems in Massachusetts

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December 2012

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December 2011

CfJJ Legislative Alert: JJDPA Reauthorization
May 2011

CfJJ Legislative Alert: Romeo and Juliet Exception
March 2011

Just Facts Fact Sheet
March 2011

Juvenile Life Without Parole: CfJJ Fact Sheet
March 2011

DYS Budget: CfJJ Fact Sheet
March 2011

CfJJ in 2010
December 2010

CfJJ in 2009
December 2009

Detention Fact Sheet
November 2006

DMC Fact Sheet
November 2005

Racial Disparities in the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice System
November 2005


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CfJJ Fact Sheets

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