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CfJJ, in partnership with a statewide coalition, is advocating for a juvenile justice omnibus bill covering ten issues that would promote transparency, best practices, and better outcomes for children and communities.  Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Kay Khan are the lead sponsors of this omnibus legislation (SD.1243; HD.3299).

The Juvenile Justice Omnibus bill reclassifies offenses and diverts low level kids from formal system processing in order to save money, reduce crime, and promote best practices to get kids on the right track.  A significant percentage (up to half) of the youth incarcerated or detained in Massachusetts have a misdemeanor as their most serious offense.  These youth could be served better in the community at far lower cost.

Keeping kids out of the juvenile justice system, who don’t belong in the system:


Advocating for a fair and effective JJ System: 




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